Project Transportation


We provide transportation services to carry goods in non-standard weights or volumes.

Project transportation refers to transportation of heavy, unyielding or bulky (too long, too wide or too tall) i.e. lowbed cargoes. In general these cargoes are materials, equipment or machines for such investments as factories, refineries, mining facilities, energy plants, construction sites, etc.

In addition to air, land and air transportation and turnkey project cargo logistics services it provides through its efficient network of agents, YSL ULUSLARARASI NAKLIYAT provides the project cargo transportation services described below. Project transportation services require specialty. Our specialist department develops the best solutions to carry your projects to meet your demands at the most affordable prices without problem.

Airplane charter service

Heavy and lowbed cargoes

Escort and shipment permission services

Renting cranes

Port operations

Ship charter service

Route planning and road survey services

Customs formalities