Business Lines

Sporting Rifle / Ammunition Transportation

Firearm, sporting rifle and ammunition transportation requires specialty. There are some special rules to fulfill in addition to the standard shipment rules. Each country applies different permit, approval and shipment procedures. We invite you to meet the specialist team of YSL Uluslararası Nakliyat to enjoy problem-free shipment of your firearm, sporting rifle or ammunition shipments. We provide the most affordable, fastest and problem-free transportation services for your firearm, sporting rifle or ammunition cargoes by air or sea.

You may find here all the answers you want with regard to your firearm, sporting rifle or ammunition shipments, because we are specialized on them.

Fresh Fruit / Vegetable Transportation

By nature, fresh fruits and vegetables must be transported in a fast and safe way, and we provide the best services for them. Our team experienced in temperature-controlled shipments is at your service for transportation of your fruit and vegetable cargoes.


It is of utmost importance for the automotive industry not to stop its conveyor belts and not to interrupt the manufacture process. We analyze your export and import processes in the best way and offer the most convenient and reliable transportation service choices to you.

Motor Vehicle Transportation

To date we successfully completed many international motor vehicle transportation operations. We provide sea and air transportation services to carry your passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


The textile industry always races against time, and understanding customers is the key for transporting textile cargoes. Our experienced staff provides you with full support and the best service for your export or import textile cargoes. We monitor your manufacture processes until the last second of them and offer the best shipment conditions to you.

Furniture / Construction & Building Materials

Continuity is the heart of the building industry, and Turkey is a major exporter of decoration materials and furniture. We transport such materials and furniture especially to the Middle East and Africa destinations at regular intervals. In addition to the best sea transportation services, we provide air cargo services for your urgent shipments. We also provide the best packaging service prices, freights and services for your air cargo shipments.